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Trying to resuce purebred in Robinson, IL

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I am desperate for advice/help in trying to rescue Bow, a male BC, from a very overcrowded shelter in Robinson, IL.


I live in Ames,IA and Robinson, IL is 8 hours from me. Does anyone know of any transports or volunteers that could pull this guy and possibly transport to Peoria, IL.


Bow is a 4 yr old smooth coated neutered male that is fully vetted. He was an owner surrender and the shelter tells me he is fine with other dogs.


If anyone can help or has suggestions please email me asap. This is urgent as Bow has been at the shelter since March.


Beth Ann


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Wildflower, Thank you for taking the time to see if your friend could help.


Julie, Thanks for the suggestion to check the database, there isn't anyone listed for IL :(


Diana, I did post on bcrescue.org, but no one stepped forward.


Todd's Mom, Thanks for the offer.



I've decided to drive the six hours and get him myself. Plan to pick him up this coming Wednesday in Champaign, IL. The shelter is driving him two hours north to help me out.


Another BC saved!!!

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