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In which Ladybug fufills her destiny!

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Ladybug is 11 years old this spring, and a grand old girl -- quite healthy and moves easily. (She's a lot like my mother -- aged very well!) She came to us from the SPCA over 7 years ago with an unknown history but I have the feeling she was meant for flyball...her dedication to tennis balls is noteworthy.


Today I had her at the farm again with my 3 1/2 to 4 month old lambs....the first time she saw them, she ran like six devils were after her, but today, she circled the pen, looking at them, quietly alert. I walked her into the pen and she moved quietly, confidently, without fear and was quite pleased when they backed away from us and went out the door to the paddock - just like we wanted them to! Everything went soft and easy, no upsets...no dodging about on the part of the lambs.


She'll get her turn to the farm in rotation now...she's quiet, non-threatening, but just enough of a dog that the lambs respect her and shift around for her - giving me room to work in the pen.


As far as I know, she doesn't know a single "sheep dog" command, but her obedience training was wonderful (can't take credit for that!) her "Lie down" and "heel" will be enough for our purposes at the moment. After we finished our chores, she lay down (in the muddy ditch!), looking oddly peaceful - and I thought of the recent title "Do Border Collies Dream of Sheep?" I wonder if, in the past, she has....


At any rate, today Ladybug left the house a furry Celtic princess and came home a muddy farm dog, which is truly a Border Collie's dream :).




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