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Location: The Waterways,  Moriches, NY (55+ Condominium Complex in Long Island, NY)


Name of potential Buyer: Joseph (Joe) McDonald, President of The Waterways HOA Board or ANYONE from The Waterways.


Looking for: A young adult dog who is already trained for herding and will be used for geese abatement. We also now have reason to believe that they may try to purchase a puppy. They will not allow a "home" check and are therefore seeking out non-local breeders.


History: Joe McDonald and the HOA Board have purchased 3 Border Collies over the past decade to be used for geese abatement in the condominium complex.

The first dog was run over, and the second dog died suddenly of mysterious causes.

The third dog, currently living on the premises, has been neglected and there is reason to believe he has also been abused by one of the maintenance men who "cares" for him.  The dog was consistently locked inside a noisy sewage treatment plant building and tried to chew his way out through metal, breaking teeth.  He was consistently left without fresh food or fresh water from Saturday afternoons through Monday mornings.  

According to a local vet, The Waterways has a poor reputation among area vets due to their notoriously poor care of the dogs.


Current: Upon learning of the inhumane treatment of the current dog, several residents have stepped in to help.  They are currently in the process of attempting to remove the dog from the HOA Board and are trying to prevent the Board from purchasing yet another dog, as they have proven themselves consistently incapable and unwilling to humanely care for a dog.


Other Information:  Joe McDonald and the Board refused to divulge the name of the breeders from whom they purchased the dogs.  We believe that the first two dogs came from Pennsylvania, and the current dog from California.  I did track down the name of the CA breeder who sold the dog we are currently trying to assist. Sadly, this person couldn't have cared less about the trauma suffered by the dog he bred, sold, and shipped across the country into this nightmarish situation.

Joe McDonald considers the two maintenance men to be the dog's "handlers", although they have no dog experience at all and the dog is clearly terrified of one of them.  It was in their "care" that the dog suffered and was neglected for the first five years of his life in New York.  He is given no direction when chasing geese;  the maintenance men do nothing more than ride behind the dog in a truck while he is running.


In the event that you are contacted by this individual or anyone from The Waterways in Moriches, NY wishing to purchase a dog for geese control, please consider the welfare of your dogs and DO NOT SELL to them.


Please share this information to other breeders and rescues of herding breeds.


If anyone has any questions or concerns, my email is Terry777@optonline.net

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