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Cattledog Finals on National TV


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Cattledog Finals special will air on National Television

“Under the Hat Family” and RFDTV are major sponsors


The United States Border Border Collie Handler’s Association (USBCHA) Tenth Annual National Cattledog Finals is excited to announce the first ever national television broadcast show highlighting the Finals trial. The USBCHA Cattledog Finals will be held in Redding, Iowa on May 26-29 2011.


On September 5 at 8pm EST a one-hour special highlight show will be broadcast on RFD-TV’s nationwide cable network. RFD-TV became a major sponsor of the Cattledog Finals in 2010. For 2011 the Cattledog Committee has secured sponsorship from the “Under the Hat Family” of companies that include Titan Trailer Inc. of Waterville,KS, Titan West Inc. Linn, KS, and Logan Coach Trailers Inc. of Logan, UT. Other sponsors include the American Border Collie Association, Hoover Angus of Tingley, IA, and Silver Spur Ranches of Saratoga, WY.


The purpose of the broadcast is twofold. We will educate and entertain a national audience about the valuable skills and abilities of border collies to herd livestock. We will also show and explain cattle handling in a humane, realistic, attractive manner that will enhance the image of the Border Collie, the American cattleman, and the beef industry for all viewers.


AA Productions of Omaha, NE will film the final day of competition with a four-camera crew. On hand to announce and commentate on the action will be Amanda Radke of Mitchell, SD and Dan Gill of Hernando,MS. Amanda Radke is the Editor of Beef Daily, a blog that features Beef industry news as the daily web news edition of BEEF magazine. Her blog goes out to 37,000 readers Monday through Thursday each week. Amanda is also active in her family’s South Dakota ranching operation. She has an Ag Journalism degree from South Dakota State University, and is an outspoken advocate for American Beef Producers. Dan Gill has used Border Collies on his family ranching operation for twenty-two years. Dan helped to start the Cattledog Finals in 2001 and has judged the competition twice in the past. He has served two terms as Vice President of the USBCHA and two terms and an ABCA director. His family sponsors the current Open Trophy. The broadcast will include interviews, trial footage, and award ceremony presentations.


Video footage shot the final day will also be edited into a multi-hour DVD that will feature more complete trial runs, with extended commentary and interview footage with many more competitors than we will be able to feature in the hour long television special. The DVD will be available for sale in early September.


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Pretty cool, eh? For those who don't get RFD and can't see the program, which apparently will be the highlights of the finals day plus other commentary, there will be available a much more complete DVD sometime in September,


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The video production for the inaugural National Television Show of the National Cattledog Finals is now complete. The program will air on Sept 5 at 8PM EST and on Sept 6 at 11AM. I am happy with how the show turned out, and really enjoyed working on it. Feel free to send this link of the RFDTV commercial to anyone you know.



Jeff Mundorf

Red Oak IA

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Thanks, Jeff, both for getting this done, and for reminding everyone. For those like me who may need to record this (I won't be home), on DirecTV it's just showing up under the title "RFD-TV Live Specials" at that time slot,


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