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Holy cow!


I'd never read the entire thread, just the newer ones as I came back to the Boards a while back. But I was moved to go to the beginning when someone recommended it to the person who just adopted a fearful dog.


Severe allergies just hit here, too!


All I can say is, D'elle, what amazing work you've done. Yes, I know you say it was mostly Kelso, but you put in a lot of work, too.


The rescue I volunteer with got several of the dogs from this confiscation, and I met some of them and read similar stories from the folks who fostered them. One thing that seems to have been pretty universal was the courage these dogs displayed as they learned to trust. And I recall at least one of them just making that incredible transformation once she found her perfect forever family, like Kelso blossoming in unexpected ways. Another now lives close to me and it's hard to believe he's the same dog who was nothing but a puddle of black fur when I first met him, too scared to move or even look at people. I just saw him recently at a pet store with his new person just asking for pets from everyone.


I have nothing but admiration for the people who slog through the rehab work, and to the people like Annmarie and Ramin who adopt these dogs and take them the rest of the way on their journeys.


Many, many thanks to all of you!



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Annmarie - Just thinking of you and Kelso recently, and so glad to hear that you are both doing so well! Thank you for the brief and wonderfully touching update!

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I love the photo on the bed too....... :)

I am especially glad he has such a nice cat to be with.

Sometimes I think that my Benjamin cat still misses him. Ben has never played with any of the other dogs the way he did with Kelso.

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I got a New year's card from Kelso's family recently. Beautiful photos of a beautiful family. Kelso has a new dog-friend, a rescued husky mix who recently joined the family, and of course he still has his beautiful cat friend and Koko, the paint horse. In the photos he looks so happy.


Just wanted to pass along the smile that it gave me.

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Here are the most recent photos that have been sent to me of Kelso. He was at a party with other AZ BC Rescue dogs; the dog on the left in one photo is apparently a buddy of his. :-)


Doesn't he look good?


The thing that just Really gets to me about these photos is the expression on Kelso's face. He looks like a dog who has always had a great life. His eyes so sparkling and bright, his face so open and relaxed and happy. You would never know the horror that he lived in for the first 2 years of his life. I always believed that the potential was inside him, even in the first days when he was basically catatonic, and over the year and a half that he was with me I saw that happy dog many times, but he didn't really come into his own until after he was adopted. My love for him and all the hard work he did with me laid the groundwork, and his adopters' love for him did the rest.


Dogs are so amazing to me. With enough time and enough love I think that a dog can overcome anything. Kelso is a fine example of that. :)



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Thank you for continuing to provide Kelso updates his journey is such an inspiration and when we send people to this topic who are having problems with their dogs I hope the updates provide them with the courage to continue working with their own dogs.

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I was just thinking about Kelso last night, and how cute he became once he came out of his shell, and then this morning I opened my email to find a photo and video of him riding in the car with his (also rescue) dog companion, getting ever so excited because they were almost to the park! For those of you who do not know Kelso through my posts, he is the one on the left.


I don't know how to post the video, so you will have to make do with the photo. In the video he is extremely well behaved, not jumping around or yipping, just making his very cute little squeal of excitement.


He is having a good life.





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Below is what the person who adopted him has to say about him today.

Thought you all would like to hear it. (I asked her if it would be OK for me to post this paragraph here and she gave me permission). :D Kelso is my favorite "success story".


"Yes, Kelso is always well behaved (even if he isn't..lol!). He rules the roost and that is fine by us. We are so happy when he is "demanding" or when he uses his voice to ask for things, when he squeals with delight, when he "digs" me out from under the blankets in the bed when he wants me to get up (which is, without fail, every morning at exactly 5:20am sharp), when he tells Indy what to do, etc.. One time I had a bad migraine and he kept jumping up on the bed and trying to dig me out and then he kept putting his toys on my face (RIGHT on my face...lol!). I had to laugh and I swear I immediately felt better! Whenever we vacuum he makes us play tug with him with the other hand (and the other one vacuuming). Believe me, it takes a long time to vacuum around here when we have to also play tug at the same time. It's a sight to see! :-)
He is such a joy. He's always a good boy and the ONLY time we might gently say "uh uh" is if he might do something which would jeopardize his safety -such as getting out of car before I give him the ok, trying to eat something "icky" on the ground, etc. You understand. Otherwise, my boy can do no wrong. :-) Really though, he's an angel. He automatically knows what I want him to do or not do. It's like he reads my mind. We are truly soul mates. :-)"
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