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Flying BC from UK to US in the Summer

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Edit: Of course, as soon as I reached my nth degree of frustration and posted this, someone I spoke with said, 'Oh you should call X.' I did and am reassured. Happy to talk anyone else through this process though, should the need arise (or virtual handholding if you need it while in transit).



Hello All:


Last summer some of you gave me great advice about shipping my collie with me to the UK for the year. Now we plan to return to the US this summer & I find myself running into the same confusing & contradictory information from the airlines and from the 2 shipping services with whom I've spoken.


My understanding is that the issue re: summer heat is not with the airplane itself, which has a pressure and temp-controlled compartment for animals, but with the vehicle used to transport animals from cargo across the tarmac to the plane to load and unload them.


1. I'm told by someone at the Delta cargo office in Atlanta that they ALWAYS have these vehicles and that there is never an embargo.


2. I'm told, further, by the same person that Delta may have these vehicles at other airports but that they won't decide that until May 1.


3. I'm told by the pet shipping people that there could be embargoes at any or all airports and there's no telling what might happen and and and

(they also told me that because Detroit is near a lake it gets really hot there in the summer so go figure)


If anyone has any insight into transatlantic summer shipping, please get in touch. This is making me crazy with worry.

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