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Fields for playing frisbee near Davis, CA

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Hi all,


Quick question, but I would be ever so grateful if you knew an answer. I'm visiting UCDavis for 2 weeks, and have my BC with me. Problem is, we can't go to dog parks, cuz I've had one too many bad experiences with aggressive dogs in that kind of situation (had a sweet, obedient, dog-loving foster get charged and have his leg ripped up).


Anyways, I also can't take her to regular people parks, because of the leash law and because if there are people there playing ball...she'll just sit and stare at them. The entire time. Loses her recall and everything, and yes, I've tried long-line practice and CU work, etc. But that is another post entirely, and we're only here for 2 weeks...not enough time to change a dog that it took me a year to convince to take food as a reward, she is so toy obsessed. I just count my blessings that we have 4 acres where we rent and that she doesn't care about other dogs running (especially during agility).


So if anyone knows a good field/park/greenspace outside of but within daily driving distance of Davis, CA, I would very much appreciate hearing about it. And Mer would appreciate getting to play frisbee without being hypnotized or getting beaten up. Thanks.

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Right outside the Veterinary Teaching Hospital is a small, fenced in area with some agility equipment in it. Someone in the hospital should be able to let you know more about it.


In fact, the folks at the hospital would be a good resource for any kind of dog exercise questions.





Well, since that's where I'm externing, that IS convenient :) Thanks very much!!! You don't happen to know about local agility clubs that take rentals/drop-ins as well, do you?

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