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We finally got our dogs yesterday after they had a 24 hr ordeal on a broken down van.


They are all extremely small the 2 breeding males are around 18 inches. Only the super pregnant mom weighs more than 25lbs. Most of these dogs are 16 inches or less. They totally resemble my moms small border collie from Bimmers bc rescue. They look like her exact twin.


Most are friendly some are super friendly like the pregant mom. She followed right at my heel untill she was too tired to walk anymore. There is one super tiny girl who was also my following buddy. She is only about 14 inches and 15lbs. Way too skinny.


I heard privately he ran afoul of some other big breeders when he aquired their dogs through resells. He tried to use their names to advertise. I think our Red Tri preg mom is one of those dogs. She totally resembles Penny's mom.


I would say they will all be all right for adoption except "the gypsy" in the bunch but, we have a genuine offer for a male foster home with an experienced person. Our swafford gypsy is amazing in her new home so I think he will also be fine.

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