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Ugla´s first obedience trial win

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Well, I just have to share this because for me it´s a dream to come true!

I live in Iceland and here there are not many dog competitions.

In our kennel club last year the were no obedience trial for all breeds of dogs because of lack of competitors (belive it or not, 5 is minimum) and the year before I was not ready to compete..

So this year I decieded to compete and I did.

Our first trial (basycly in Iceland we call it a test) we got 123.5 pts out ot 180 max and 90 mininum but did not get place.

Than a little more than a week later Ugla got the first place of 7 dogs with 162.5 pts out of 180 max (90 min) ! I am so proud and I just had to publish it. She is not a herding dog unfortunately, she´s scared of sheep so I do other things with her.


I also want to mention that Ugla was awarded the dog with the highest score in tracking level II last year!




and with her tracking awards :)


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Congratulations on the qualifying scores and the big increase of points on your first place finish. Also, bravo to you for finding the things your dog does like to do and doing them with her.


Thanks. I screwed up the heelwork off leash excercise the first time but got 9.5 the second time. I also went the second time with my mind set different so we were both very relaxed and I did not get my hopes high but was very surpriced to find out we had won.

She doesn´t have to be a herding dog, I love her just the way she is :)

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