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a question about seizures in Dogs

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For a back story we just received cocker spaniels from a mill. The CS who seized today is older reported to be about 4 but, most likely a bit older. He's sort of shy but, friendly he wants to stand by you to be petted.


Before the seizure started the male CS's were loose in the kitchen and the floor was damp a door was opened to the dog room and all the males ran in the dog room and made a lap or 2 before getting yelled at to get back into the kitchen. one dog slipped when they came back into the kitchen and then 2 ran back into the dog room. When I went to retireve this older male in the dog room he was on his side in a grand mal seizure.


Can fear trigger a seizure? Could the fall on to his side have caused it? We will hold off getting him neutered and watch him and get him a check up asap but, I'm wondering what might have been the cause?


Im wondering what triggers others have noticed in their dogs.

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I can't help but wonder if the dog hasn't had seizures all along, and how many pups he might have consigned to that same fate.


A friend of mine found commercial foods (she suspected the additives) to be a trigger. Ivermectin was apparently a trigger for my dog, though the seizures themselves mostly seemed to occur when the dogs were racing to the creek as a pack. She was seizure free for 8 months, and then I moved and she started having rather frequent seizures. I haven't yet figured out any pattern that would point to a new trigger in this new place.


Really the only way to determine what might be a trigger for any particular dog is to keep a seizure diary and note anything that happened around the time of the seizure.


There's a Yahoo K9 epilepsy list that has some knowledgable members. You might want to join.



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I cant help but, wonder that too with him being a breeding male. The older pups he was running with all resemble him but, it's hard to say. I wonder if it's possible he was already in the seizure and it was the puppy who slipped.


I was on the floor working with them socializing but, my line of sight was obstructed by the door.


Moms border collie Penny has had at least 2 seizures during the night although the Vet recommended keeping her off meds unless they came more often. She is nearing 10.


I feel bad as this will be a strike against him being older and possibly needing meds.

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Raven had seizures down in AR. Only had one since I moved. Not that AR was the issue but I think what set them off was to much flea control products. I haven't needed flea stuff since I left AR.

But, her first one was in my bedroom on Thanksgiving. I had a house full of people, she is a rather nervous dog. I think her nerves and the flea stuff got it going. Then I tried to give her a bath (she had rolled in something) and she started into another one. My dh didn't believe me and talked me into trying another bath. Same thing happened.

Then in CO one evening she was running to the back door (or in I can't remember) and got tangled up in a towel that was lying by the door. She ended up falling on her side then starting into a seizure. The last bath and the towel incident, she had already stiffened up rolled her eyes back and I grabbed her held her super tight (bear hug style) and she seemed to come around way quicker.


Vet said we won't do anything about them unless they get worse or more reg.


She hasn't had a bath in over 3 years....I hate to even think about giving her one. I always say I'm going to try in the stocktank. She's not a dog that would ever swim or get in a tank on her own. But the poor dear would do anything I ask. Can't wait to get to where I have a clean pond. Maybe she'll swim a bit and she feel a bit cleaner. I've also wondered if I could give her a xanax and then try a bath. Just can't make myself try it. She's not filthy I'd just like to make her feel clean.

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