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My good old dog

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Just had to brag on my good old dog, Seth. Yesterday we brought home a couple kid goats and 4 hair sheep lambs. Seth will pretty much work anything. My goat kids and lambs are at a friend's house right now till I get my pens built. She also has a couple of Nigerian Dwarf kid goats and a small flock of chickens. She has a fenced in area with a chain link kennel for the chickens and a small shed for the goats. The sheep are staying apart from my goats and my friend's goats are staying apart from the sheep and my goats. The chickens (12 or so) are intermingled with everyone. And she has about 14 chihuahuas and 3 LabX pups in a fenced area that shares a common fence. As the sheep have never been worked by a dog I wanted to introduce them slowly and Seth is a good experienced dog. So with all those dogs barking and thunder booming, Seth walked those 4 lambs around very calmly among all the other animals ignoring the chickens, goats and chihuahuas. The lambs stayed calm because Seth was calm. Seth has a mild thunderphobia also but he will always work through his panic if he has stock to work.

I am very proud of my old dog. Seth turned 11 in Feb. He is stubborn but very intelligent and has a lot of character. If I need a job done and he understands what I want, I can't ask for a better dog to figure out how to do it.

What a good dog you are Seth!

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