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I have a red border collie mixed with brit spaniel, she mostly looks border collie, previously I had a border collie, she passed in the fall.


This little red gal was itching on her belly, I had seeen on another post about the pupply pimples that went away, she's about a year now, the puppy pimples went away.


At times she starts to itch with her teeth on and off, enough that it's starting to concern me, there are no marks or hair loss or infections etc.


The vet had mentioned allergies etc, none of my prev dogs had anything like this.


I use frontline, I wonder if its just because its winter with the heat on?


I bathed her with baby shampoo awhile back, I'm just wondering if she will stop or that its just because she is still a pup.


I am giving her fish oil with her 1 meal, she prev ate Orijen, awhile ago I changed to Blue Buffalo to see if this would make a difference, I don't really want to start giving her benadry as she will get sleepy from this.


Any suggestions? Maybe the Sulfodene Shampoo? Something I can apply to her coat such as a conditioner?


Could this be the Brit Spaniel part of her causing this? I am going to look up Brit Spaniels also.


Thanks in advance

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I have a spaniel mix who is periodically itchy. It takes trying different things to try to determine what's going on. I found that kibble with chicken in it caused her to itch so I switched her to a lamb based kibble. This helped. This shampoo seemed to help a lot with itchiness.



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