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Tennessee: BC cross working type pups for adoption

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The local rescue I help some with has 3, 1/2 Border collie, 1/4 Kelpie, 1/4 Heeler pup for adoptions


This was a known, purposely made cross out of a Border Collie who works cattle out of a Kelpie/Heeler female. The breeder sold a few of the pups and became overwhelmed/couldn't sell them so he took them to rescue. The pups are 9ish weeks old, dewormed and on there second set of shots They have not been neglected physically but could use some more socialization.


The dam of the litter has been spayed and the sire has died, so adopters would not be contributing to furthering the irresponsiblity of this breeder.


contact me privately at wendy _ roller at earthlink dot net (take out the spaces and correct for email - spam is driving me nuts right now)


the rescue would be glad to take photos or provide more info. Spay and neuter contracts are required and enforced.


Thanks, Wendy (western TN)

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Since the pups are at a rescue facility this shouldn't be an issue, but just in case please read my "Do Not Sell To" post (posted yesterday).

We believe these people to be actively looking for a Border Collie or other herding breed at this time. They are looking for a dog to be used for geese abatement and will refuse a home check.





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