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Sand shearing versus machine shearing

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I really need to get my motley crew :blink: of about 10 sheep and the 4 angora goats sheared, before Pam Wolf gets back down here in May:).


I am talking to a middle-aged couple that uses handshears! They are willing to shear for me at about 10 bucks a head!


I am also talking to a guy who has electric. About the same price




What is better?


I don't sell the wool and my critters are not showsheep!


Help :)



Ohhhhh that should be Hand Shearing :rolleyes:

I must be getting old :P

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I peeked, just to see what new-fangled thing Sand Shearing is. I was trying to visualize it - a high powered, finely aimed jet of micro sand, wielded by a very skilled operator, that parts the fleece from the sheep in under two minutes. Oh, and the sheep are wearing goggles.


I was disappointed to find it that it's really hand shearing. Sand shearing sounds so much more exciting and high tech!



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Sand Shearing!!!


Thats funny!


If the old couple are good blade (Hand) shearers and you want no second cuts and a bit of wool left on go with that. And it really is almost as quick....not quite.


If they are not good- uh.....not so safe and takes a long time.




Machine shear- quick- more wool off.

More likely to have second cuts, but if he is good, not many.


Make sure that the person handling the machine knows how to set it.


And has sheared before.


I had some folks have a guy out to shear- turns out he has never sheared, cut the sheep to h*** because machines cutter and comb were not set correctly.

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I talked to the Sand shearers :P - oh, I mean the handshearers :) last night.


Turns out they are Native Americans from what I gather and have been doing this for years! I do know that the Navajos in the 4 Corners area still shear mostly with blades! They price $10/head is the same as the person with the electric machine:)


I am thinking of letting the herding group know when we shear and maybe doing a potluck of sorts :).

I think it will be very educational and fun :D


You guys are invited of course :lol:

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Sand Hand shearing will leave a little more wool; so they won't get sunburned or cold...depending on your climate.


As long as they both have done it, there is little stress to the sheep either way; quieter and more enjoyable with the hand shearing.


Have fun!



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hand shears or elec depends on the person doing the shearing. I can do as well with hand as with elec, that is why I hire someone to do it~ :lol:



Pam, do you want me to save you the fleece? you can pick what you want to take back to the 4 H kids! I will bag it by color/sheeptype!

Oh, you are taking to Angoras back with you since you have room in your car now ;)


Liz, you need to come down with Pam, bring the puppies to play with Elsie :lol:

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