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Ben, a Lhasa, 2000?-03/29/2011

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Ben wasn't a bc but he did dearly love one!


Ben joined Katie at the Rainbow Bridge Tuesday morning. Born with deformed heart valves and misshapen heart, his will to live kept him alive @ 10+ yrs. Tuesday he was pts after suddenly developing acute congestive heart failure which my vet did not feel was treatable (he had chronic chf the entire 5 yrs I had him which was treated with meds).


A foster that was going to be pts after his heart condition was discovered, I adopted him to give him a good home for his remaining months (the rescue vet and mine both agreed he would probably not live another year but he fooled them and lived five more years!). He was stubborn, cocky, comical and desperately wanted to be an alpha dog but just couldn't hack it. I can't say he was my kind of dog, but I never regretted giving him a home which is a pretty good epitaph for a former stray.


Ben dearly loved Katie, the bc/springer, even though she was more than double his size! She was very tolerant of his affections and they would snuggle together. After she passed away last month, he seemed lost. He never got along well with Rocky, my sole remaining dog, and without Katie as a buffer (she was Rocky's playmate and Ben's snuggle bunny), the tension between them was stressful for everyone.


So, although I'll miss him, I think Ben is probably in a better place now. No pain, no trouble breathing, no missing his Katie, etc.

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Go in peace, my valiant friend.

Suffer no more; sweet sleep has come.

Be welcomed by our friends;

They have blazed a path for you to follow.

Wait patiently, for I will join you again,

Your keen vision restored to lead our way,

Strength renewed, for we shall journey forever.

I learned from your courage

In the waning of your days.

You fought bravely through the pain,

A whimper never passed,

Always by my side as I was by yours.

Your battle is over, our grieving begins,

As I lay you to rest

In the yard were we played.

Your place in my soul

will always remain filled.

So rest now in peace, my gallant companion,

Knowing how much I loved you

And will miss you at my side.


~ Eulogy originally posted by “Baby’s Dad” for his beloved Zeke


Vaya con Dios, Ben.

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Ben...may you enjoy racing around the fields at Rainbow Bridge with Katie. I have a special fondness for tough little dogs.

Run, Ben, Run.

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