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Pairs Relay question

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I jump my dog at 26 inches and I am filling out my entry form for a trial coming up in a few weeks. A friend of mine is entering her dog in her first trial and she is a little intimidated by the games classes. So, I asked her if she would like to do Pairs Relay with me. I'm already on a DAM team with some other friends, but I was not on a pairs team, yet. The problem is that she would like to jump her dog at 22 inches, which means she will have to enter Performance, since her dog would need to jump 26 inches for Championship. My form says, "If entering classes at DIFFERENT HEIGHTS in the SAME PROGRAM, submit a SEPARATE FORM for each height class in that program." Does this mean that I could submit a separate form for the Pairs Relay class and enter my dog in Performance, thus jumping him at 22 inches just for that class? Or, do I have to jump Championship in all classes, if I'm going to do it in at least one? Any clarification would be appreciated!!

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You can enter your DAM team and all other classes on one form at Ch and 26". Then on a second form enter Pairs in P 22". What you can not do is enter both Ch and P in pairs on the same day. DAM is a seperate entity so the relay in it does not effect your regular classes. Enjoy running with your friend.


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