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Results of our first trial!

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Well it really went well! I am super happy with my girlie and I am really looking forward to our next trial and "really" getting out there.

We did one day and did a jumpers run and two tunnelers, The jumpers really went well, we got a Q and 1st place, she was sooo much slower than normal, but other than that, she really didn't seem that anxious (not compared to a dog that hides in tunnels and heads for her crate when she gets scared). The first tunnelers run was a bit of a disaster, poor thing was terribly confused at constantly being sent to tunnels and kept turning to me when she would come out of a tunnel, I know a lot of it was my positioning and lack of movement, but it was of course my first trial as well and we have had 0 practice with tunnelers courses. The second Tunnelers went a lot better I stayed with her and supported her a lot more, it wasn't the course I would have run if we were practicing but it worked for letting her know that I wanted her to keep going in Tunnels, we got another Q and second place. I really did have fun and so did Maya, and we met a lot of fun people and are really looking forward to our next trial.




Video of our three runs (Gawd is it horrible to see yourself on video or what.... ;) )


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