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never seen such a high anxiety dog!

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So today at work a family walked in to our hospital with what i thought was a border collie but the owners swore it was an australian shep... hmm.. ok whatever. This dog was soooo high strung, full of top notch anxiety. as the dog was pulling barking whining running back and forth tried to attack the house mate dog panting like no tomorrow. When he was taken from the owners to have his temp taken the poor dogs temp was 104.9! we waited about 10 minutes as he sat very nicely on the table away from the owners and retaking the temp it dropped right down to 102. I talked a little to the owners while they waited and asked if they had ever considered sports or formal training for the pet and tried to explain a little about anxiety. The owners response was... well we take him to the park and let him off leash and he just ruuuunnnnssss for an hour. all this whining he does, hes just talking to us, hes very talkative and he just really hates other dogs thats all.

THAT'S ALL??? i thought in my head. after they left still the dog whining, barking and pulling the lobby was now peacefully quiet. I felt so bad for that dog. just to think whats going on in this dogs mind. being full of anxiety like that geez to me it seemed like a lifetime of torture for the poor dog... made me so mad.


Why do people get a dog of a certain breed and they just dont know jack Sh@#t of what they need. other than food, shots and letting him rum free for 1 hour.

so sorry just really had to vent on this one..... urrgghh :angry:

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Maybe he is a different dog outside the vet office. I know a lot of people think border collies are high strung when all they see are the border about to enter the agility competition ring. But these same dogs away from the ring are calm "relax" dog. Shrug or he has very tolerate owners.

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