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Proof of Vaccination?


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I am also on the bandwagon to try and reduce the # of vaccinations my dogs receive. (I am not anti-vaccination. I just believe that we shouldn't vaccinate as often as has generally been done - i.e. yearly.) So I was very happy when I recently found a vet that also does not believe in yearly vaccinations. She usually does titers on her dogs.


I just signed up for a local training class and the registration form asked for dates of the most recent vaccinations - expecting that all vaccinations should be within the past year. Now I am wondering how others handle similar situations and what your experiences have been.


If you take classes/lessons, are you expected to have up-to-date vaccinations? (i.e. within the past year) How rigid were the requirements?


How does it affect travel? Do you take vaccination records with you when you cross state lines?


How about kenneling? Same thing - have you found that kennels are strict in their requirements? The one I use seems to have an 'enlightened' attitude in that the owner doesn't believe the bordatella vaccination is sufficiently effective. He also seems to be more relaxed about proof of vaccinations. I realize that in this situation (dense housing of canines, although they are all in separate pens), I feel more secure knowing that all dogs are appropriately vaccinated.


Has anyone been able to bypass a vaccination requirement by providing proof of titer levels? Or is it better just to get your dog vaccinated?


Any comments, musings, etc. are welcome.



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I provide proof of latest rabies vaccination, which is always current, according to law.


And I provide proof of latest vaccination for others. I explain that I don't vaccinate yearly. So far nobody has had a problem with that. If anyone did, I would ask to substitute titers, and if I could not, I would go elsewhere.

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I have never had to provide proof for a single training class I have ever taken, when filling out applications I have never been asked for the dates last vaccinated, just "are your pets up to date" which I simpley leave blank, and nobody has ever asked, if they did I would simpley ask what their defination of "up to date" is..by MY defination they are as up to date as they ever will be. never run into the kennel problem as I work in a kennel/daycare, I can do whatever I want with my dogs there, the owners and manager DO know that I follow a VERY limited vaccine protocol though due to very severe vaccine reactions..I am now the vaccine "guru" at work, if anyone is unsure they ask me lol, they had never even heard ot titres or any protocols other then every year before I started :P

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One of our trainers simply required a signature from the vet on a form that basically said the dog is in good health and is on some sort of vaccination schedule. She purposely did not require specifics on vaccinations because she feels people should be able to decide what is right for their dog, however the form is a way helping ensure all dogs in the class have seen a vet recently and are healthy. She only required the vet form for the entry level class.


Our agility trainer required proof of current vaccinations for our first class, but wasn't specific about which vaccinations were required or what 'current' meant.


Meg's day camp is very specific and a bit more strict and requires a bordatella vaccination every 6 months. They called the vet and had them fax over Meg's records (with my permission). I would not have done the bordatella vaccination if it wasn't required.


Meg just had all her shots last year so is current. I don't usually do yearly vaccines, but I do want her to continue with day camp so we'll see.

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