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Beautiful girl in danger

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I hope there's a rescue that can take her. I've contacted the shelter a total of 5 times through email and on the phone. No one has returned any of them. I expressed interest in adopting her and put in an application. Still nothing!

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how about carrie? cash and carrie? tickled my funny bone, but so do the dog names dewey and izzy. dewey (do he) bite? izzy housebroken? hehehe. oh, and since my name is Lisa .......

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Whew, what a trip! Glad I went though, what a sweetheart! She had to have at least one paw touching me at all times :D




I'll be sure to get more pics! She's a big girl for a bc and has a curly tail. It was sooo adorable. They were playing Irish music on the radio for St. Patrick's day, and she kept turning and tipping her head at the speaker. But only to the Irish music! So freakin cute!

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She's beautiful. Thank you for rescuing her. !


I agree it should be an Irish name.


Some Irish Names that seem like the could possibly fit her:

Molly (Molly Malone)


Bree or Brea or Bria












I'm partial to Molly because it is easy to say/recognize, but I'll confess Limerick has some charm...

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Thank you for rescuing this beauty! I love the part about the paw. :wub:









I don't know, those are just immediate thoughts.

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Thanks all. She still needs a name, I haven't found anything that's fit yet! I had a good one yesterday, but of course I don't remember it now lol. She's a very very sweet dog, and definitely the alpha. She has that alpha attitude too, but my dogs don't have a problem with that. She's calming down now too.


Yea I just have to say that this dog without a doubt, is the worst housetrained dog on the planet! She's so far to opposite end of the spectrum of housetrained, that it's unreal. :lol: I've had outdoor dogs that I've fostered that were better than her. Of course being alpha, she feels she needs to mark everything. And we're talking on-leash! So hence the reason for no pics yet. I'm busy keeping one eyeball on her and a leash at all times at this point. :rolleyes: However, someone definitely taught her to sit.

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