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what exactly is a inside flank??? is this used on a drive?


thanks bill


An inside flank is a flank that is executed with the dog flanking between you and the sheep. The best way to train this flank, in my opinion, is on a fence with the dog driving the sheep along the fence and you standing at right angle to the dog and sheep about 40 feet away. Walk the dog up on the sheep and keep them on the fence by flanking the dog to the outside of the sheep but staying behind them. As the sheep move down the fence give the dog a flank to the outside of the sheep and call his/her name and call the dog to you with a "here". You don't want the dog to come to you but you do want him to start to you. You then give him another flank as he gets almost past the sheep to finish the flank with the dog approaching the sheep from the opposite side. Tell him to walk up and start driving the opposite way on the fence and do the same thing but, of course, with the opposite flank. So to explain it another way, if the sheep are moving past you on fence going to the left of you, with the dog driving them past you to the left, you will call the dog's name and say "here". As the dog moves his head to your direction give the flank, "come bye". If the dog wants to go around behind you, you can step into his path, getting yourself between him and the sheep so that he has to go between you and the sheep. The picture you are looking for is the dog answering to his name and the "here" command and then turning nice and square when he is given the come bye flank. You may need to give a couple more come bye's to get him all the way around to the other side facing the sheep but it will come quite quickly if your timing is right. The nice thing about working on the fence is once the inside flank is completed you can then start to go the other way and train the other flank as you go. Timing is important as you must give the flank as soon as the dog's head turns to you when you call his name and "here". Try it for a while if your dog is ready and get back to me with any problems you are having. Your dog should have fairly good flanks before you start this. It will make it much easier. Bob

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