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Scooter 12/3/04-2/19/11

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I can't write much now, I'm in too much pain. This morning around 7:00 Scooter was doing his usual morning greeting when he suddenly started to growl, only a few inches from my face. I must have pushed him away when I saw the look in his eyes and he went into full blown attack mode, biting me repeatedly on my hands and arms. I have lots of deep puncture wounds. I have no doubt that if DH hadn't been home, he would have killed me. At 11:30 a.m. we had him put down. Vet seems to think he must have had a brain tumor or something for him to just go off like that. My sweet boy is gone. Hoping my physical wounds heal without infection. The emotional ones will take much longer. Rest easy now Bud. :(

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I am so very sorry to hear this - that must have been terrifying. I hope you can heal well and soon. Thank goodness your husband was there to help you. Poor Scooter, how out of character!


Very best wishes for an uneventful healing.

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What a tragic event...I am so sorry to hear that you lost Scooter this way. Sending good mojo to you so you may heal - physically and mentally. Rest easy Scooter...

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I am so sorry to hear this. This was so totally out of character for Scooter. I'm sure you are in shock by this horrid event.

I'm sure you did what you and DH needed to do. Scooter is at peace now.

Godspeed Scooter.

Heal quickly and let the good memories you have with Scooter be the ones that help you get through this heart ache.

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I lost a treasured friend today,

The little dog who used to lay

His gentle head upon my knee

And share his silent thoughts with me.


He'll come no longer to my call,

Retrieve no more his favorite ball;

A voice far greater than my own

Has called him to His golden throne.


Although my eyes are filled with tears,

I thank Him for the happy years

He let him spend down here with me

And for his love and loyalty.


When it is time for me to go

And join him there, this much I know...

I shall not fear the transient dark

For he will greet me with his bark.


~ Author Unknown


Vaya con Dios, Scooter.

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:( Wow, I am so sorry to read this. Was Scooter having any issues prior to this incident? This is so shocking for me to read...I can't even imagine what you are going through.

Apparently he was, but we never put things together, nor did the vet because they came and went. In January, during his annual exam, I asked about his shaking his head sometimes, thinking it was an ear problem. She said she'd never seen a cleaner set of ears.


When playing ball once in a while he'd just stand there, like he didn't know what to do next.


He'd started barking for no apparent reason and he was never a barker.


But the night before, he was his usual congenial self. Greeting my nephew with excitement when he came in, lying at my feet asleep while we played cards, seemingly content. No signs of aggression or odd behavior.


Today I looked up canine brain tumors and my heart sank. He had most of the symptoms. Had we known earlier, we would have euthanized him sooner. He must have been in pain but he never let on. Something finally snapped Saturday morning. The dog that attacked me that morning was not Scooter. He didn't know what he was doing.


We're devastated and traumatized by the whole thing. It's so quiet here this evening. We had so many silly little rituals. He was so much a part of our daily lives and I loved him so much sometimes it was almost scary. Where do we go from here? How do we pick up the pieces and move on? Without him. I'm not sure I can. There's just been too much tragedy in this family for too many years..

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Don't beat yourself up. It is always easier to see things clearly in hindsight. You loved him, gave him a wonderful life and let him go when his time came. There is nothing more you could have done.

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