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Hi everyone,


We've been fostering Jack with a local, all-breed rescue in NJ. He was an eleventh-hour rescue from a high-kill shelter. He's been with us since December and is in search of a forever home. The rescue adopts out to NJ, NY, and PA, but they might be willing to extend the area for the right adopter.


Jack is about 3 or 4 years old and weights about 45 pounds. Other than being mostly BC, we're not sure what he's mixed with. He is absolutely gorgeous and definitely has the characteristics of a BC. He's highly trainable using both praise and food. We were able to house break, crate train, and teach basic commands with relative ease. He has a good deal of energy, although it's not uncontrollable. He does have quite a chance instinct (which is why he was adopted out once, then returned. He kept jumping the adopter's 3 foot fence in pursuit of birds and squirrels.) He's extremely agile and athletic. He loves playing just about anything from tug to fetch to frisbee. From what we've seen on walks and at adoption days, he's great with kids. He really is a loving dog with a big heart.


Like all BCs, he would thrive with a confident and experienced owner. He could use some practice to control his jumping (perhaps funneling that energy into agility training?) If you could pass on the word about dear Jack, we would appreciate it.


Feel free to email me at kim.greene [at] gmail.com or fill out an application at www.njcattitude.org.


Thanks so much!


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