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Pad Conditioner?

Lewis Moon

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Cerb tore another carpal pad last evening. Yes, he was chasing a ball. It's absolutely his favorite thing to do. Absolutely. And yes, it was on dry ground with little grass. We live in Arizona.


I noticed that his pads in gereral, and his carpal pads in particular, were very dry and cracking. Is there anything you can put on them to condition them? What do mushers use?


Can anyone think of another "predator/prey" type of game that might not be so full of grinding stops and turns? The nearest grassy field is ~30 miles away so we're pretty much stuck with dry ground on a daily basis. It's probably another ~30 miles to sheep (and $35 per hour) and indictions are that he really doesn't like running beside the bike.

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I have used Tuf-Foot with good success. Seems to me like my dogs tear pads more often if they're going from creeks or ponds to rocky, hot, dry, hard soil. They seem to work up a tolerance if done slowly, and with Tuf-Foot. My dogs can go all winter long with no pad issues, but when the worst of summer is here they're more likely to blow pads it seems.

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