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Can't you hear me calling ...

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Nope, Faith can't hear you calling ... 'cause she's deaf and has been since birth. However, that does not stop her from listening to you! Faith knows lots of hand signals and is learning more all the time, and she is also very keyed into your body language.




She is also the singularly nicest dog I have ever met in my rescue career, and I have met and lived with a lot of nice dogs! She is sweet as pie to everyone in the world, loves to snuggle, is very polite and has forgiven all of my dogs for failing to understand that she is deaf and snarking at her when she "ignores" them. She walks in a perfect loose leash (or off leash) heel, sleeps quietly in her crate, has never had an accident in the house and comes every time you "call" (wave at) her no matter what she's doing, even if she is staring at the chickens or the llamas.




Faith is 4 years old, spayed, tattooed and UTD on her vaccines. Her teeth have really cleaned up nicely since I switched her to raw. She's the easiest dog ever to have around, though she will bark if left alone by herself with no people or dogs for company. She's available for adoption through TDBCR based out of Vancouver, BC, Canada. If you can pry her from my grasp :) If I had room for another dog, I wouldn't even be posting her!!





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I think Faith in British Columbia might also be Walnut in Oklahoma. How weird is that?


She has the same eye colours (on the correct sides) the same white marking on her shoulders, the same black spots on her right ear, mostly black on the left ear and the same black spot on her head. Same head shape, same curly coat (though she had less of it when she was Walnut, being she was a youngster then). And of course, they are both deaf!


I realize that people think their dogs look like someone else's dog all the time, but I have to say, this dog "Walnut" is a dead ringer for Faith. A side by side comparison can be found here.


I of course have written the oringal seller / breeder to ask how this dog may have gotten up here. I've not heard back yet, but sounds like it has the potential to be a most fascinating tale!



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