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Transport help needed Sat - 2 legs - Conover NC to South Hill VA

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I still need two legs for this transport - Conover NC to Burlington NC and Burlington NC to South Hill VA - for this Saturday morning. If you know someone in the area that might be able to help, please forward the information below. Thank you!




This is the tentative run sheet. I will back times up to a 7 am start when/if I can get a confirmation from the vet clinic that someone can be there to release her to us that early. That would simply shift each time one hour earlier. I added 10 minutes to each leg for transfers.



Lady is a small female border collie, 31 pounds, 6-8 months old. She had FHO surgery today to repair an old injury to her hip. She will need to be lifted in and out of vehicles but is fine otherwise and the vet has approved her to travel. You may want to bring a larger crate than normal as that may make getting her in and out a little easier. She is being treated for kennel cough but will have been treated for a week by the time transport occurs. She was spayed today and is UTD on all vaccs.



Pick up in Burnsville, NC to Conover, NC 8 am - 9:45 am (1 hour 36 minutes, 82 miles) - Thanks Jennie!


Conover, NC to Burlington, NC 9:45 - 11:55 am (1 hour 55 minutes, 120 miles) - NEEDED


Burlington, NC to South Hill, VA 11:55 - 1:55 pm (1 hour 48 minutes, 106 miles) - NEEDED


South Hill, VA to Richmond, VA 1:55 pm - 3:30 pm (1 hour 25 minutes, 82 miles) - Thanks Cori!


Richmond, VA to Fredericksburg, VA 3:30 pm - 4:30 pm (1 hour, 57 miles) - Thanks Diane!



MABCR volunteers will take the dog from Fredericksburg to the final destination in Chestertown, MD.


Please send me a pm if you may be able to help.



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