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Not too far from me are 3 border collies that need to go ASAP. They are not in danger. They are there because they were removed from danger, but the guy that did so wants them gone ASAP. One is a 2-3 yr. old pregnant bitch -- (within the first month pregnant). I'd take them myself today but now is not a good time since I'm back and forth between NYC and here --- family stuff and I have to find sitters for my own adult dogs. If I could take them the bitch would be spayed immediately -- uterus with pups removed --- depending on her health and how far along she is. I can't properly care for pups with my schedule.


I know this from a friend in the area who works in the local feedmill and has border collies herself, so local news, especially border collies often comes to me through her. IOW, it's not first hand information, but it's reliable.


He's willing to hold on to them for a couple of weeks until I can at least bring them here, but then the bitch is farther along in her pregnancy and they are out in the cold in the meantime and we've been having some pretty frigid weather.


If anyone in rescue is interested in helping, let me know. Another reason for an spay right now is --- and this is complete speculation --- that the pups she's carrying might have been sired by closely related dog to her.



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I *might* be able to help but not for about another four weeks - our "rescue crate" is full right now (with a cat) and I'll be gone for several weeks. If you still have a need at that point, I can see what I can do (north-central WV).


Very best wishes!

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Thanks Sue. My fear is that the bitch might be too far gone in her pregnancy to not be safe to spay her. In that case, I'd need to hand her and her pups over to someone who could do right by them. I can't. I need someone to go over there and see for themselves what we're dealing with here. I'll ask my friend if she can go over there and take a look.



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