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awesome old video of working dogs

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I love seeing old short films like this, and of course, enjoyed seeing the old film of working sheepdogs. What was with that heavy duty harness on that one? Unusual. I also got a kick out of the lady out for a walk with her Borzoi. I dress like that all the time when I take my dogs out walking, don't you?? And I love that car! It would be real kick to drive around with my dogs in one of those in the summertime, with their heads hanging out the windows!

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Wow, that was fun to watch. Not only the dogs, but looking at the interesting things in the background. There's still quite a fews homes in my town that still have the grass strip running down the middle of the driveway. The old architecture, the cars. Now I'm missing my old '49 Ford pickup I owned in the late 70's.


Thanks for posting that link! I'm gonna have to check out more on that website!

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