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Bobby Dalziel needs no introduction to many of you. Bobby is one of the top handlers in the UK and has been for many years. He has been trialing since 1975. He and his dogs have won countless trials since then. Bobby has won the International Supreme three times; in 1989, 1992 and in 2006. Over the years Bobby’s training methods have developed into using a long line to help the dog do the right thing and get the ‘shapes’ right. He uses a long line to help the dogs relax and get them thinking so they can begin to learn. The line helps curtail any negative behavior so that lots of correction is unnecessary, in that way the dogs work is positive and rewarding.


Bobby has been traveling to the US in April to hold clinics across the country. Bobby believes that a 5 day clinic gives both the dog and handler the time needed to make lots of progress. He believes in you working your dog as much as possible and giving you the tools the go home and continue with the training. Bobby will be at Clearfield Stockdogs April 14 – 18, 2011. We are looking forward to learning from his years of experience and gaining insights into each dog as they progress during the clinic.


Bobby works each dog once long enough to accomplish the goals for that session. Young dogs may be worked shorter sessions and possibly twice – Bobby will do what he feels best for each individual dog.


Please expose your dog to a dragging a long line and have a good stop on the dog to gain the most from each session. Clinic is limited to 15 working spots. Lunch and refreshments provided. Auditing available. Working spots will be 425.00 for the 5 days. Your spot will be reserved with your full payment. If you pay for a working spot and are unable to attend you are welcome to sell your working spot to another handler.


Appropriate sheep and areas to work in for every dog and handler.


More information and registration available at www.clearfieldstockdogs.com

Please email of call with any questions denice.r@lycos.com, 605-842-6321

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I have several working spots open in Bobby's clinic. Please contact me if you need more information. If you would like to attend and are unable to come all 5 days let me know


Can't think of a better way to enjoy nice spring days than out training and learning from one of the best in the world. Come join us



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