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So i am off to the BC reunion in the northern part of the state. I can't take all 3 dogs, so Hope (my foster) and Sydney (my adoptee) get to go! Poor Zag has to spend the day with grandmum and the shelthies. (poor lil fella!)


This will be Hope's first long trip/large social gathering, wish us luck. I'll be taking alot of pictures at the event. I am excited and (since i am a social misfit) a little nervous! I think i remembered everything.


Good thing Nellie's Mum & Dad will be there, at least i'll have some fellow boardies to visit! Wish us LUCK!

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Big bag of luck from another social misfit :rolleyes: .

I've been to two BC meetings and had a grand time socialising - with the dogs . They catch on to this kind of nervousness and come to comfort you (and take the chance to have their bellies rubbed ).

Do take lots of pictures!

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I'm back and sooo glad i went! I have to admit, it was more fun then i expected! Everyone there was so nice. Of course they are superior people... they are owned by BCS!

I got to meet Nellie and her mom and dad! They travelled all the way from Ohio! Sydney got to see her foster family again, and she made use of all those humans throwing balls! I was worried about Hope, i've never had her around so many strange dogs and people. She surprised me! That mischievous lil gurl tricked everyone there and acted like a good dog! :rolleyes: I'm uploading pics and will post them in the peoples gallery. I'll put a link once i have them all uploaded.

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We finally made it back home, that trip just keeps getting harder :rolleyes:


We will have to go through our pictures tomorrow to see if we have any good ones, Nellies Mom spent most of the time with the puppies, with some hard sale tactics being applied to try to get her to adopt one. She backed out when I told her that she would be doing all the training.


I spent most of my time either throwing Nellie's frisbee, throwing balls for the twenty dogs staring at me, or trying to keep Nellie from attacking another dog that has decided that she needed to share the frisbee.


Hope and Sydney are really cool dogs, it was nice meeting them and Foo and every one else. We really do have a good time, even if most of my friends think that I have a screw loose for driving over 600 miles to go to a picnic with a bunch of BC's.


We will get our pictures up in the next couple days.

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