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Need Help in TN?

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Hi All,


Linda Floyd of BCR Texas is trying to get the word out to everyone about an add on the Munford, TN Craig's List about some Border Collies that are freezing - I hope we don't have another Swafford situation...Anybody local that can check it out??


The add is a PDF & I can't seem to post it opened so you will need to download to view it.


Here is the add:

MUNFORD TN 40 border collies freezing to death.pdf


Okay here is a LINK to the actual add. It looks legit to me....

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Were you able to view the pdf? The link still works when I click on it but I guess it is stored in my cache...


I am far from TN so not sure what else I can do but hopefully someone will see one of the ads & check it out.


I will try to upload the pdf to FB too.

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I heard about this situation on Facebook, through a couple of rescue groups that have it posted. Here is a link to the television news video concerning this. http://www.wmctv.com/Global/story.asp?S=13841678

The guy who owns these dogs has shut down his website. I found this very disturbing. It looks like a border collie puppy-mill.

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Yeah, we got about a million emails about this situation here at E. TN Border Collie Rescue. The issue is being investigated but we think what is happening is that this guy is operating just inside the law and that there isn't really anything that can be done. It is heartbreaking to watch that video. If he decides to give up some dogs or if he is shut down W. TN and E. TN rescues are ready and waiting.


I will say that between Swafford and the possibility of this guy our resources are stretching very thin!

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It is so frustrating, seeing this poor dog in the video, circling and circling, and you know that is what he is doing all day, everyday. And there are so many others in there, doing the same thing. The worst part about this situation is that, as you say, Olivia, there is nothing anyone can do, because he is working within the law. Unless he does not contact the law, as he was requested to, and unless somebody finds out that there are dogs in there actually freezing to death (I hate to even think about that), nothing will happen to help get these dogs out of there. I, for one, am going to keep an eye on this situation.

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