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New Introduction.

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Hi. I used to be on here about a year ago, but forgot all my log-in details.


I'm Gordon and have just moved to London, Ontario from Glasgow, Scotland. I have a 3 year old Border Collie called Clyde. We are just sterting up with herding. I had a couple of lessons from Jullie Hill and Bobby Henderson. I have now found a place just outside London to start up again. He's not as experienced as Julie and Bobby though.


Last time I was on I was looking into Geese work, and that is still my plans, now that I am over. It will take a while to get Clyde trained for geese, as had spent years on training him not to chase birds. But by the spring of 2013, I hope things will be ready to get going on starting a business. Hopefully even have another dog too.


Anyway I hope everyone has a good New Year and look forward to chatting with you all.


Gordon & Clyde.post-11830-027073200 1293829975_thumb.jpg

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Welcome to Ontario Gordon & Clyde! There are a few of us Ontario folk here :) Good luck with your goose control work. There should be plenty of work avaialable for a well trained dog and handler :) Here are a couple of links to the Canadian Border Collie Association and the Ontario Border Collie Club :)






Happy New Year!!

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Welcome back Gordon; sorry we couldn't get together when you were here last year.


The other person nearby you is Mary Thompson; she trials in USBCHA regularly and has a flock of scottish black face for training (make you feel like you are at home). PM me if you want a contact email


Amanda Milliken regularly has Bobby Henderson over for judging and clinics...just keep your eye on the Ontario border collie club website. We might have a trial at Amanda's tomorrow...depending on her fields...


Hopefully we'll run into you sometime in the near future



Cynthia Palmer (out near Peterborough)

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Thanks, I'll get in touch with Mary and see what training she does. I found a place outside London, where I took Clyde once. It was good to start to get him around the sheep, but I didn't click with the trainer. Maybe I was comparing him to Julie Hill, and the are completely different. So not fare.


I don't know if anyone has heard of him. Ron Forbes at Glen Erran Kennels. The mainly deal with Aussies, but have one BC. Let me know if he is know as a good or bad trainer.


I hope to meet some of you now, since I am living here now.

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