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Is she or isn't she?

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Hi all...we rescued this one about 5 years ago and am wondering if anyone thinks she could be all border? We guess 1/2 aussie...but not sure. This is the best pic I have of her at the moment.


Either way doesn't matter, she's the better than the best thing we could have asked for!

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whoopspost-11215-004977000 1293506532_thumb.jpg



Aw, what a cute old thing. My guess is that she might be part Aussie, given the shape of her head and ears, and the sense that she might have a blockier body type. I really couldn't say from a still photo, though. I'd have to see how she moves and carries herself to have a better sense of what she might be. Whatever it is, sounds like she's a joy in your life. :)

Cheers ~



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Lol, my Bear gives the same look. It's the one where I'm talking to her because she's the only one there and she will give that look, then roll her eyes and walk away from me in mid-sentence. Your dog looks just like mine, only she's all white, no black. I was told that mine is a Border Collie - Lab mix. That could be what yours is too.

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