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I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions on supplements that can be given to support joint health in both young and aging dogs. (I have forgotten the name of the pills some old friends told me about.) :) My 4 year old German Shepherd mix has really stiff joints and bad hips... :( I want to start all my dogs on something that will help prevent the younger ones from having bad joints and help my older girl with her current problems. Thanks!

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I've used one or more of the Glyco-Flex products from Vetri-Science for at least the last decade on two generations of BCs and have been happy with them. Here's the Vetri-Science website, if you want to read more from the manufacturer. I also supplement all three current dogs with varying doses of fish oil.


You might also be able to find some other recommendations with a forum search; I know this is a popular topic every so often. :)

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