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Will this nose fill in?


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Hi, i'm new here :)


Just acquired a bc pup - I was told by the breeder this nose is 'normal' and will fill in to black by a year. I'm not so sure, this looks REALLY white. Should I worry? I'm planning on training this little girl in agility but also purchased her as a breeding prospect to my dog. All the pups in the litter had at least some white on their nose, mom and dad had black noses.




We have taken to calling her possum *lol*

post-11814-096221000 1293484023_thumb.jpg

post-11814-029827700 1293484068_thumb.jpg

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How old is the pup? If she's at least 8 weeks old, I would guess the nose will not entirely fill in. It might continue to fill in a bit, but...


I see you recently joined the boards. Welcome. You should probably definitely read the sticky at the top (the Read This First thingy) before you start talking about this little pup being a "breeding prospect."


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I think it will eventually fill in...maybe not by 1 year old though. Here is Sprite at 10 weeks. People wanted me to call her possum too...I guess it isn't all that original :)


post-10573-093509100 1293495177_thumb.jpg



Here she is today at age 7...sorry pic is bad...my blackberry isn't a dslr for sure B)


post-10573-038143600 1293495858_thumb.jpeg

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