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Ollie is doing wonderful, thanks for asking. This weekend was the first time he started to act like his old self again since this whole ordeal began. In fact, the problem now is convincing him that he is not his old self (yet) and he cannot run and jump and play like the other dogs. He goes back to the vet on Friday and I predict that will be his last visit to the vet for this issue. I'm so grateful to have him back and SOOOO grateful to everyone who kept him in their thoughts and prayers and sent well-wishes. I truly beieve that all that positive energy and love makes a difference.


I will have to post more pictures of him and introduce him to the board properly once he is free of the cone of shame. :)

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He is well, but I may have to kill him so he doesn't give me a heart attack! Today, I stopped home after dropping my foster dog, Pip, off for his bi-weekly visit with the vet behaviorist, and there was Ollie sitting in his crate with the donut he was wearing lying on the crate floor and NO STRING (which was tied around his neck to hold the donut on). So, I scooped him up and headed to the drug store to buy some hydrogen peroxide to make him vomit. I got the H2O2 and forced him to ingest 15cc's and shook his belly to mix it up. I pulled into the parking lot at work 5 minutes later and Ollie starts making puking noises. So, I quickly pulled him out of the car and he proceeded to vomit up all his breakfast AND the STRING!! Little TURD!!




Ollie: Why must you punish me with this horrible cone?

Me: Because you are a very bad dog and need to be punished. Now, STOP EATING STRING!!

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Mary, so glad to hear Ollie is doing better. I have a feeling he will be "stringin" you along for a long while! :P You will just have to be on string vigilance. Ollie, Ollie, Ollie! Have pity on the poor woman! At least give her a break! From now on you should only be eating string BEANS!! :D

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I have a cat with a string fetish (not uncommon evidently), and he's survived it for almost 10 years now. I have to be extremely vigilant about string in our house. For example, everyone has to be very careful about where they throw away used dental floss. Not in an open bathroom trash basket! This obsession of his ranges from very hazardous, e.g., the dental floss, to merely very annoying, like he chews off shoelaces. We keep all shoes with shoelaces in the garage and put on slippers when we come in the house, Japanese style. We turned out to be too unreliable about keeping closet doors shut, and it was so infuriating to go to tie your shoes and find that the laces had been trimmed off! The string thing used to extend to electric cords as well. He bit through the cord of my iron, which gave him quite a zap, and the cord of my husband's laptop's power supply while he was working away at it, not noticing the cat gnawing away. Thankfully, he seems to have been leaving cords alone for the past couple years. I'm not sure how to class the scotch tape eating. There's never a loose end to pull on my desk dispenser.


Welcome to Crazy For String World! Ollie's such a sweetie pie that it'll be worth it!

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