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I've been out of touch all weekend, but just now said another prayer for Ollie. His latest report sounds encouraging. He is obviously a fighter and special little guy. Hoping for a full recovery very soon. Hang in there, Ollie! We're all pulling for you.

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Sending all our best mojo to you and Ollie from Bo, Dozer and I in snowy NY.

Rooting for Ollie to beat this, and get well!

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Ollie is home. We stopped by after work today to talk with my vet and see Ollie. So far, so good. We decided it was better to bring Ollie home, since we can monitor him continuously and he has been doing well so far. He hasn't had any more episodes of screaming pain and has been eating, drinking, pooping, and peeing. We will be bringing him back tomorrow morning to have his bandage changed and to be evaluated. They left his I.V. catheter in and he may stay there during the day tomorrow to receive fluids. He had a slight temperature today, but my vet wasn't too concerned about that. Ollie's spirits seem to be pretty good. My vet said that we are going to have to take it one day at a time right now. I'm glad to have Ollie home, but I'm also really nervous that he will take another bad turn. I'm being cautiously optimistic right now. Until Ollie has put several days behind him with no complications, I'll be on pins and needles. I was trying to get a picture of him to share, but he would not let me get more than a couple steps away from him. I finally was able to snap this one after I put him on the couch to hang with Steve. He's pretty tired but he doesn't seem to be in any obvious pain, thank goodness. Thank you again to everyone who is pulling for Ollie. I really think all that positive energy is helpful.



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