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Collie herds in front of car when coming in drive


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My Father recently got a young border collie to work with his cattle on the farm. He lets it run loose and has a problem with Buddy herding his car right in right front of it when he comes home. He has to go super slow for fear of hitting Buddy. Does anyone have a suggestion on how to break him of this habit? (Dad's had herding dogs in the past and this is the first one to do this.)


Help please!! Thanks. Janell

e-mail: janellndennis@netzero.com

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The dog should not be left loose. When it is not working, he should either be with someone or be confined in some way. In the house, in a crate, in a kennel run, etc.


One way or another, a dog left loose is liable to cause problems with the stock; get run over; leave the property and get into trouble with the neighbors' stock, cats, dogs, whatever (and maybe get shot or poisoned); etc.


This may be the first dog that has behaved this way with your dad, but a loose, unsupervised working Border Collie is an accident waiting to happen.


Good luck with solving the problem.

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