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Lost Dog!

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My friend Trisha's dog jumped the fence at a friend's house later in the evening last night. :( Trisha adopted the dog, Jill, a little less than 2 weeks ago from a rescue. Jill is a very sweet girl, but is shy. Jill is a border collie, about 25 pounds, with a black head and completely white body. We looked for her for a while last night. She was last seen at approximately 12:15am on Delware Ave and Holt Ave heading towards the seminar woods in the Bay View/St. Francis neighborhoods in the City of Milwaukee.


Trisha will be calling Milwaukee Area Domestic Animal Control Commission this morning to let them know she is looking for her.


Please email Trisha if you have any information.




Also, if you could send some board mojo Trisha and Jill's way, it would be greatly appreciated.


If you you have another list/forum that you know of that you think that it would be helpful to post this on, please let me know.


Thanks everyone.

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They found her!


A police station - two cities away from home!


Thank you!

Oh, good.


I have heard of that happening several times with recently acquired rescues. They get stressed and just take off and go right over the fence and then take off running. Most chain link fences really won't keep a border collie in. They just climb over and go.

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Glad to hear she's home safe! Reminded me of @ 10 yrs ago when my vet's border collie jumped a 6' fence, 8 days later she jumped into a woman's car at the grocery store almost 50 miles away and refused to get out! The woman drove to her vet and as soon as a vet tech came out to the car, the dog got right out of the car! Fortunately, the dog was tagged and chipped, and was home a few hours later. It's amazing how far they can wander.

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