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Buddy in Love

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I was walking Buddy down a side street yesterday. There was a lady in the yard with an Aussie - beautiful dog. Buddy immediately started whining, so I waved "hi" and started a conversation. Turns out the woman has just moved into the neighborhood, which explains why we've never seen her gorgeous dog before.


Buddy went right to the fence and started air-kissing the dog and whining in joy. The dog, not so keen on Buddy, started trying to attack him through her fence. Territorial, I guess. Buddy just continued whining, air-kissing, and leaving love-pee-mail along the periphery of the fence.


This from a dog who will, nine times out of ten, growl and snap at any dog who dares to get closer than 10" to him.


What causes this dog-infatuation? Anyone? My theory is that Buddy loved his litter and his mother, and so when he sees dogs who look like Mom and his siblings, he gets happy and excited. Except that doesn't explain his affinity for Jack Russell Terriers.


It's a mystery to me.



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