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I received an email yesterday morning, one that I knew I didn't want to open up as soon as I saw the title, "Parker".


It is with a heavy heart that I bid farewell to sweet Parker. He was blessed with a loving family that took him in knowing his limitations, and had the wisdom to know when it was time to let him go.


Parker's original diagnosis of cerebellar hypoplasia was adjusted when they noticed his condition deteriorating. It was upgraded to the more progressive form.


John and Judy gave him a wonderful life, and for that I am eternally grateful.


Rest in peace, dear sweet Parker. You were loved by many. Every person that came in contact with you, be it the persons who helped with your transport, or the fosters who nurtured you on your way were touched by your gentle spirit.


I will keep you in my heart always

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What a sweet looking fellow he was. It is wonderful that he was well-loved and given a great home and blessed with many who cared about him. Run free Parker. There are many playmates for you at the bridge.

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We humans stand to learn a lot from dogs like Parker. Dogs like Parker don't come into our lives by accident. There's a reason why they're here and maybe it's for us to find what that reason is, and once we do, we're the better for it. They are perfect souls inside a less than perfect body and we're lucky to hae known them for as long or as short as their time here might be.


I guess Parker's job here on earth was done and we can say "thank you" for the gift of Parker.


I have no doubt that he now rests, a job well done, his body restored.


That'll do, Parker. You've earned your rest.

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