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Some of you might remember my recent thread entitles "Faster Weaves" here is the link to it . . .



Well on halloween weekend we went to a trial with one leg in both open standard and open jumpers. We would be running twice in each class, so I knew if we qualified in all four runs we would get both our OA and OAJ titles. My hope was to get at least a leg in each, I thought there was little chance of getting both titles.

This was only our third trial, but on Saturday Kari did amazing getting two perfect 100 scores, two second places, and was even 10 seconds under time in standard. She did her weaves at a good steady pace too. That meant there was alot of pressure on for Sunday as a Q in either run would mean a title. Well I tried not to think of it and just go out and have fun. First we ran standard, and it was almost perfect. The second to last obstacle was the weaves, she popped out at the last pole. We redid them and ended up with a score of 95 and a third place, the top score on that course was a 95.

At this point I was totally happy, we had our OA title, and I wasn't worried how we did in jumpers. It was probably the hardest course of the weekend, but we came out of it clear and got a score of 94 because of some time faults. There were 9 dogs in our height division, and we were the only team to Q, so ended the weekend with a first place.


I still can't beleive we earned both our titles, out of 14 runs in three trials we've Q'd in 12. I'm so proud of my girl.


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Does anyone know a good place online to buy agility equipment?


This place is pretty good for tunnels.




I've heard a lot of people talking about affordableagility.com recently but have not checked out what they have to offer myself.


If you want to save money, it is pretty easy to make jumps out of PVC. I make weave poles out of PVC, too, for home practice.

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