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Grocery store wrapping is really not suitable for more than short-term freezing at best, IMO. While I have readily cooked and eaten grass-fed beef (which has higher levels of anti-oxidents than does the commercial, grain-fed meat) that was properly vacuum-packed (and had no off color, odor, etc.), I doubt I'd use market-wrapped meat that was as old as your friend's.


The issues I would look at are freezer burn and/or oxidation of the fatty tissue in particular.

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^^Same here. I've been getting old frozen venison and other stuff that's a couple of years old and feeding it to those of mine that eat raw, with no ill effects. I wouldn't make old frozen stuff a staple of their diet, but occasionally cleaning out the freezer and giving it to them isn't likely to hurt anything.



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I would hazard to guess that old, freezer burned meat is probably a lot more nutritious than the meat-by-product-meal in most dog foods.


Me, I'd thaw it and if it doesn't smell spoiled, I'd feed it. My dogs drink from puddles and eat cat poop if they can get away with it, I doubt old frozen meat would hurt them.

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