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If bandwidth isn't an issue after all, I'd love to see us put together a mini photo journal documenting the different stages of a young dog's training on stock.


Since the majority of you camera geeks have sheep, I guess it will be mostly sheep applications. But I hope those with other livestock would jump in too.


I'd suggest that once all the pictures (and comments) are collected, they be set up as a permanent exhibit on the USBCC website somewhere. So if Eileen OKs that, keep that in mind.


I think it would be fun (and informative, of course) for those who live the "life" vicariously, to see what the heck we're talking about.


I challenge everybody to work on getting pics that capture the "magic moments" and frustrations both.

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I can provide a first picture. This is the *exact* second this 4 month old pup turned on. She'd been running around trying to play with her mother (Spottie, whiter dog in the picture) and sniffing and just being a puppy, when this lamb took off and the light bulb went on. Seconds later she was nicely wearing around the pen and is turning out to be a nice natural dog with lots of "go around" to her.



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By the way, all, don't feel obligated to wait for someone with the "next step". If you've got a cool picture of a youngster learning a shed or driving off mama/calf pairs, go for it. I'm just looking to collect bits and pieces and we'll work on putting them in order somewhere later.

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Well, since I finally figured this out, here are a few pics.


This is Casper, my 3 yr old boy. We were working some calves in these pics a few days ago, but I couldn't work him and get action photos at the same time so I settled for some "stare" pics.










This is my newest addition. This is 8 week old Flye. She's a cutie.





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