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I wanted to share a web site that may be helpful to folks who breed. I just had to have an emergency C section for my bitch so I have been on a serious information hunt. I have been a vet tech for quite some time so I am aware of the 'major' warning signs. There were none of those, regardless she was having trouble that I did not know about. A vet friend shared this web site with me so I am passing it along. He has used the monitor on patients with great success. It can pick up on contractions that can't be seen as well as monitor fetal heat rates so he can tell if the pups are in distress. The equip. is rented, sent to in the mail and the monitoring done by sending info thru the phone lines. As the whelping date approaches more monitoring is done so any problems can be detected quickly. How cool is that. The web site is Whelp Wise

I plan on using it if I breed this bitch again.


Other useful info I have learned. Most bitches first stands to be mated the day she ovulates. This is day 1, pups are usually born day 63. The eggs take 2 to 3 days to mature before they can be fertilized. They also continue to mature and are viable for another 2 to 3 days. Sperm can survive and fertilize eggs for up to 7 days in the bitch. The bitch only ovulates once so the pups can not be more than a couple days different in age.



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