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What's a better food Fromm or Canidae


From the Fromm website:

All of our dry pet food and treats are made in the USA at our own USDA-inspected plant in Wisconsin. Our current can foods are made in the USA at a USDA-inspected plant in South Dakota with 100% human food ingredients.


I believe (& may be wrong) that Canidae contracts with Diamond pet foods to manufacture their food.


I prefer a company that manufactures their own food so that they have complete control over the ingredients.



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I feed Fromm's kibble. I have been very happy with it. Both dogs seem to really like it and do well on it. Fromm's does offer a variety of protiens which is nice. They also have a frequent buyer program - 12 UPCs you get a free bag.


I have never fed Canidae so I can't offer a comparison for you.

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I feed Canidae All Life Stages. My dogs do well on it. Shiny coats and lots of pep. I get

the green and tan bag. I do not care for the other Canidae formulas. I've tried other brands but

this is what my dogs do best on. One downsize is that it's fattening. My dog's just get barely

more than a cup each a day. So it lasts quite a while. Guess my dog's are weird.....they get cooked

green beans and carrots for snacks too.

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