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lost tooth today


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Not much you can do but I would suspect with her age that it was a puppy tooth. If it really was an adult tooth, have her checked by the vet to make sure the entire tooth is gone and the roots are not bothering her. I do hope it's a soft frisbee you all are playing with!

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after some research I'm pretty sure its her adult tooth.. This really bummed me out today, my pup lost her beautiful smile :( My fault for using the cheap plastic frisbee my girl got my dog




If your dog is 7 mos old then you are right it is probably a permanent tooth. The incisors are the first to go- around 13-14 weeks.


Don't feel too bad though. My girl Gilly was counter surfing-literally with all four paws!- and fell on her face smashing out her incisors (front teeth) on the concrete floor (pix below- don't look of you're squeamish). It took 2 surgeries to get all the roots out. That was 7? years ago & she has done fine. She even broke another one 3 years ago fence fighting with a dog that was locked in a Vari Kennel (brat!:))


Here is the pre-surgery pic:








post-10573-012754300 1287460660_thumb.jpg

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