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Lesson #2...noticed more this time.

Keegan's Mom

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This is just a post to reflect on my lesson yesterday afternoon with Keegan. (forgot the camera, but there wasn't anyone to take pictures anyway).


So Keegan is as ready as ever to get into the sheep, unfortunately, as soon as he gets into the pen...he runs straight for them. But after that first nip, he feels satisfied, I guess, and is ready to listen.


So last lesson, he was having a hard time on the Away to me side and had a good comeby. This time, we made him work the away side. He improved not just from the lesson before, but with every break. At first, he would do away but not even look at the sheep...he just kind of went through the motions. Then the next time, he started to look at the sheep, like "this may not be so bad". Then we started with more eye like he was doing on the comeby side.


We got him to walk up on the sheep without running in a nipping. We got him to hold the sheep very well and flanked (? is that the correct term here?) him close by the sheep. Basically we got him to walk up and hold the sheep then we moved so he had to comeby or away.


It is amazing what your body language tells the dog and what you don't know is pressure is actually pressure to the dog!!!!


The great part is that I can see him thinking and figuring it out. He never tired to get up close to me as a "rescue" when he was stressed. He never stopped at the gate, like "let me out of here"...he did this last time. He just kept working at whatever we asked him to do. I was very impressed.


He also is getting quicker on his lie downs!!!!!


We are going every two weeks through tax season at least. It will be a nice break on Sunday to doing tax returns!!!!! I would much rather spend my time with Keegan and sheep, what does that say about my career choice?????


Just wanted to share because I feel like each lesson we have had has had a "aha" moment and that feels great!!!!!

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Yay! I'm glad you're going to keep it up - maybe we'l see you out there on Sundays (and get some decent pics?) - Sunday is the only day Patrick will be able to get out until the time changes.

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