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Results from Montpelier, VA Trail

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I did run Karen, but I retired Ranger both days (difficulty with the drive) and didn't place with Pip, though as I posted on Facebook at least he seemed to be working more like his old self (he's been having some issues, I think TBD-related and has been on doxycycline for 6 weeks and is finally showing improvement--we scored in the 80s on Sunday, but out of the ribbons).


I don't remember all the results. Robin French was there Saturday and placed second in open with Bill (I'm pretty sure it was Bill; I don't know where she ended up with Zac). Tom Forrester and Pete were first. I don't remember who placed third, and Laura Carson and Nick were fourth. On Sunday, Doug Brewer and Tess won open with a scorching 96, followed by Patti Kallen and Jet with a 94, Tom Forrester and Pete with an 88, and Laura Carson and Nick with an 87.


I can't tell you much about the ranch class, though I think Nancy Starkey did well with Soot on Sunday--if she's reading this she can correct me, but I think they were second? ETA: Just saw on Facebook that Nancy and Soot were first! I think Ginger Bruton and Sweep were overall ranch champions for the weekend, and I don't remember who was reserve or actual class placings.


I don't remember the results from P/N, and in N/N Jack Crongeyer and Fern were the overall champions, and I think Cassie Creamer and Kip might have been the overall reserve.


Spotty memory and all that!



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Hello everyone,


I was at Montpelier on Sunday only, but my little Soot did a great job and won the Ranch class! Here's a photo (taken by Julie).




Despite several people trying to get her attention, Soot is looking up the field for sheep.


My memory is worse than Julie's, so I can't help with the other placements (sorry).




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