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We got Kye at 8 months and 14.5kg. By 2yrs he wasn't noticeably taller but weighed 19kg, slim but not skinny. That's filling out.


Risk on the other hand has grown slowly but steadily since he was a pup. At 9 months he is still growing - back end 20in, front end 19in. Weight a month ago just over 10kg. Chest clears the ground by at least an inch when lying down and I'm sure that will drop.

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Neutering changes how a dog grows.


Intact Border Collies continue to gain weight until they are 2 to 4 years old. Females finish before males. Their chests spring out and they look and feel more solid (added muscle and bone). Their heads get broader and they also grow more coat (even the smoothies).

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Crow update:


5.5 weeks= 6lbs

8 weeks= 10.7lbs

10 weeks= 13.0lbs

12 weeks= 15.8lbs

16 weeks= 23lbs

17 weeks= 24lbs

20 weeks= 30lbs

23 weeks= 32.5lbs

6 months: 35

7 months: 37


We are down to about 1/2 lbs per week. He's still eating 3 cups a day, now that summer is coming I may have to up that a bit.

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Just thought I'd update, apparently Aed is still growing, just slowly.


8 weeks: 9.5 lbs

10 weeks: 11.8 lbs

14 weeks: 16.0 lbs
19 weeks: 20.9 lbs

24 weeks: 26.0 lbs approx 18"
6 months: 30.0 lbs
7 months: 32.0 lbs
8 months: 33.3 lbs
10.5 months: 36 lbs approx 20"
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Tess did fill out. Between 14 and 19 mo she filled 4 inches around her chest. She's 22 mo now and still growing, although slowly. Since 10 mo she only gained about 2 or 3 pounds, but if I skip training a week, and people don't see her for a forthnight, they will comment on her being bigger, confirming my impression that she IS getting biger still.

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I don't have a weight on Molly, but I did measure her height for agility today (tentative, she's only 12 months) and she's 19" tall. Little bit over, but only like 1/16th of an inch. Guess we'll see where that shakes out. If I had to guess she's still somewhere around the 35lb mark.

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I don't know how tall Natasha is since I can't get her to hold still long enough but at 14 months she is 29.8 lbs. At 8 months she was 27 lbs. so I wonder if she will get much bigger.


My new rescue, Mattie is 18-24 months old and is 32.6 lbs. but I think she needs a little more weight on her. Between her energy level and the stress of coming to a new home she is a bit scrawny.

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Tess was 30 pounds at 14 mo and is now 35 pounds at 22 mo, and still growing. Her chest enlarged 4 inches between 16 and 20 mo. Maybe she has stabilized now but last month we missed training a couple of weeks and everybody said she was bigger when we returned. I had noticed it too but wasn't sure as I see her everyday. She's very lean though, but very muscled. I don't know her exact height, but she's noticeable taller than she was at 14 mo.

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Sola isn't a BC but Tollers are generally in a similar size range so I will play lol, I am enjoying reading all these, many match Sola's siblings pretty well but Sola is teeny tiny..my prediction so far is 25lbs full grown and filled out


7.5 weeks- 5lbs

9 weeks- 5.7lbs

10 weeks- 6.3lbs

11 weeks- 7.2lbs

12 weeks- 8.5lbs

13 weeks- 9.2lbs

14 weeks- 10.3lbs

15 weeks- 11.5lbs

16 weeks- 12lbs

17 weeks- 13.3lbs

18 weeks- 13.8lbs

19 weeks- 14.3lbs

20 weeks- 15.8lbs

21 weeks- 16.1lbs


fun going back and reading this lol. Sola is 8 months now and I think 22lbs full grown and filled out will be stretching it, 25lbs? not a chance! she is a teeny tiny 20lbs with exactly zero growth since last month lol (for scale the dog behind her is a JRT x Pom)



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Holy crap, she grew a ton. Aed is still 35lbs.


She did. She's putting on a LOT of muscle right now. Not much change in her size (maybe an inch?) but she's gaining muscle like crazy - shoulders, thighs, even along her back. It's actually kind of wild.




Horrible unattractive (also she is not bald) but *muscle*.

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